Stuffed Aloo Paratha Recipe

Steps to make Stuffed aloo paratha ->

1.Put wheat flour in a bowl add some pinch of  salt and make dough.

2.While kneading the dough adding 1-2 spoon ghee to make paratha soft.

3.Once the kneading of dough is done, allow it to rest for some time.

4.Boil potatoes and mash them well in large bowl like no lumps are there.

5.Aloo mixture can be made according to your taste.You can add Red chilli, Cumin seeds, Coriander powder, pinch of Hing, add 1/2 spoon of an Aromatic mixture of ground spices , Dry mango powder, fennel seeds, salt, pinch of black salt and lemon.

6.Seal the dough and round it with the your fingers.

7. Press stuffed dough bowl very lightly so that the mixture does not come out.

8.While cooking the aloo paratha add oil or ghee after both sides of paratha is partially cooked once. This ensures paratha does not absorb more oil while cooking.

9. Serve Aloo Paratha with chilled yoghurt or pickle.


A popular stuffed Aloo Paratha recipe made with wheat flour and spiced & mashed potatoes. It is a perfect recipe for lunch and dinner, but can also be served for morning breakfast too. It does not need any side dish or condiments, but taste great with pickle or with curd.

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